Affiliate program

The MENA Software Partners Program is an advanced tracking software system which allows you to run your own affiliate campaigns for our services by using the main domains or subdomains of your website/s.

Our system allows you to track each single user registered in our services through your channels and track their activity and payments.

Whenever a user arrives, he will be marked as your user and if he registers he becomes a source of income for you. From this moment onward, you will receive a share of everything the user pays for in our system.

The Process


The first step is to register in our system and choose the market (language) you should promote in.

Email Activation

After registration, we send an activation email, the partner needs to activate his email.


Our marketing managers review the application after the activation and give you an answer.


After the approval confirmation the partner can see all services which MENA Software provides.

Banners or Channels

The partner can promote the services by banners (more than one banner in the same zone) or by URLs (Channels), By selecting the service, the size and language all available banners will be shown and the Partner can copy the necessary code and start promoting our services.


The partner can start monitoring all statistics once the campaign has started. statistics are live and updated every 15 minutes.


The partner can ask for revenue share once it reaches 500 EUR minimum, revenue can be transfered by bank, Shetab, PayPal, Money Bookers etc.

How trustworthy is the information provided by our payments system?

Our software logs everything from the moment a user steps on our domain or your sub domain, a user is marked for the next 72 hours as yours, so even if he does not register at this moment, he will be assigned in your portfolio nevertheless.

The information about each user transaction is stored securely. With the help of our user-friendly Partners program interface you can easily keep track of all your income month after month.

We keep the information about this user in our users database, so even if he stops playing for a month or two and comes back with the same registration to play the same game or a new one, his transactions will again be added to your portfolio.

Partners Benefits

Monetize your unexploited traffic

No integration costs

No banners, marketing system costs

Several top-rated online games and other services with one registration

Community features — all free of charge

New rich content for your users

Develop a dedicated lively community

Full transparency over payments and performance

A lifetime offer — earn a steady income even after the advertising is over

Between 30% and 50% revenue share depending on your marketing efforts

Statistics Details


Using our system and getting the banners code will allow you to follow the impressions regularly.


Our system will show the banner with more clicks more often than the others; this automatic functionality will improve the CTR.


Monitoring the registrations is very important; that is why we show registrations details in our system as well..


The driving force behind every business are the payments, our system will show you detailed information about all transactions made by your users and how much your share from the NET revenue is.

How it works

Real Example:
User X comes to game A from our protfolio and registers:

He plays game A for 3 months and makes 5 transactions for 25 EUR total.

He then starts playing game B for 2 months and makes 10 transactions for 100 EUR total.

He then plays game C and makes 0 EUR worth of transactions.

The partner’s share is a percentage of the total user-generated revenue, which is 125 EUR.